What is Placenta Previa?

Did you know the placenta plays a major role when it comes to the fetal health and development of a baby? The placenta is the main connection between a baby and the umbilical cord, which delivers nutrients and oxygen to the baby while also excreting waste. However, sometimes the placenta faces complications that can put the baby at risk of birth injuries.

The Dolt, Thompson, Shepherd & Conway, PSC team is here to bring more awareness to placenta previa and what a mother should do if their child suffers from a birth injury if a doctor fails to treat it.

Placenta Previa

Placenta previa occurs when the placenta lies abnormally with its ends covering the entryway of the cervix. Throughout a mother’s pregnancy, the placenta will move around in correlation with the baby’s growth. Once the final trimester is here, the placenta should lie at the top of the uterus which makes room for delivery. When the placenta does not move to the top of the uterus, a doctor will schedule the mother for a cesarean section (C-section).


With a proper diagnosis and management of the mother’s health, most babies whose mothers experience placenta previa can be born safely. However, a risk associated with placenta previa is vaginal bleeding, which, if left untreated, can increase the risk of an emergency c-section before gestation is fully complete. As a result, premature babies can suffer from numerous dangerous health conditions, including underdeveloped organs.

How We Can Help

If your baby was injured due to a delayed c-section or failure to treat placenta previa, we can help. We have a team of experienced legal professionals who can guide you through the process of seeking compensation for your child’s injuries. Contact our birth injury team to learn more about how we can help you and your family.

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