Car Accidents Involving Student Drivers

We have all seen the cars on the road with the large, bright yellow “Student Driver” signs on the back and, most of the time, try to avoid them like the plague. Not only are we unsure of the person’s driving abilities, but issues of liability in case of an accident may be difficult to determine as well.

Learn the ins and outs of accident liability from our Louisville car accident lawyers when a student driver is involved.

Liability in a Student Driver Accident

When a student driver gets into an accident, there are several parties that may be held liable for damages. These parties may include the following:

The Student Driver

If the student driver’s negligence or recklessness directly led to an accident, you should be able to seek compensation against the student driver or their insurer.

Even though student drivers do not have a license, they are still required to drive in a reasonably safe manner. This includes obeying traffic lights and signs, driving at the posted speed limit, and checking blind spots before changing lanes.

In most cases, a teen student driver will be covered under their parents’ policy if they do not have their own.

The Driving Instructor

The driving instructor may be held liable for damages if they failed in their duty to supervise their students appropriately during the driving session. The instructor is required to keep their eyes on the road and intervene in the event of an emergency. Failure to do so may make them responsible for any resulting accidents.

The Driving School

The driving school may be held liable for damages in an accident if it did not hire or train its instructors responsibly or did not maintain its vehicles appropriately. Inexperienced instructors and defective vehicles are major accident risks, and the driving school is responsible for preventing both of these factors.

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