$13M Wrongful Death Verdict Sets Record in Christian County

Dolt, Thompson, Shepherd & Conway, PSC Brings Justice to Family of Deceased Delivery Driver

In 2015, a delivery to Martinrea International Inc. turned deadly when a crane operator’s unsafe maneuver resulted in the semi driver’s death. Martinrea Hopkinsville was found 99.99% liable for the fatal accident, with the crane operator holding the remaining 0.01% of fault. The two must pay the family and estate of the deceased a combined total of $12,802,165.

Gregory Sean Engleman was not the first to be involved in a fatal accident at Martinrea. Just two years previous to his death, a factory employee was killed after being pinned under a machine. Manufacturing workers expect a certain amount of risk on the job, but in this case, the judge determined, the leadership did not do enough to prevent mishaps. The plant produces automotive parts made of steel and aluminum; Mr. Engleman was helping unload raw materials from his semi-trailer when the crane operator’s error caused him to be crushed by a 15,000-pound roll of steel.

Emergency personnel were unable to provide lifesaving care and a coroner pronounced Engleman dead at the scene.

Engleman’s wife and two sons brought this tragic case to Dolt, Thompson, Shepherd & Conway, PSC in search of justice and remuneration for their loss. A jury decided in their favor, awarding Engleman’s wife $7.5 million and each of his sons $1.5 million for loss of companionship. In addition, the estate of the deceased was awarded damages for his mental anguish and pain & suffering before death, his loss of ability to provide for his family, and his funeral and burial expenses.

Martinrea Hopkinsville, LLC was found by the jury to have failed in properly training and supervising its employees. The crane driver shares a small portion of fault for his negligence.

Previously, Christian County’s highest personal injury verdict was estimated at around $1.3 million. Though there are no tangible replacements for the loss of a family member, we continue to do our best to bring justice to those left behind by fatal accidents.

This story was reported by The Eagle Post.

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