What Compensation is Available for Pain and Suffering?

Compensation for pain and suffering in a Kentucky personal injury claim varies drastically case by case. There is no one amount for pain and suffering in any specific case type whether that case is an auto accident, medical malpractice, slip and fall, workplace accident, or any other personal injury accident. 

This is because personal injury accidents and the claims that arise from them are as unique as the individuals involved. The following article outlines the factors involved in determining a pain and suffering amount in Kentucky. It then offers examples of types of pain and suffering compensation available to victims of personal injury accidents.

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What is Pain and Suffering?

Pain and suffering describes the physical pain and mental anguish resulting from a personal injury accident. Pain and suffering is a type of non-economic damages available in a personal injury claim. 

Non-economic damages are subjective damages without affixable dollar amounts. Whereas, economic damages have fixed prices such as medical bills, rehabilitative therapy, and prescription drugs.

Factors That Influence Pain and Suffering Compensation in Kentucky

Since pain and suffering cannot be calculated like economic damages, it is based on victim-specific factors. 

These include but are not limited to:

  • Injury type;
  • Injury severity;
  • The impact of the injury on the victim’s overall life;
  • Whether the victim will make a full recovery;
  • Whether the victim will return to work;
  • Whether the victim will require lifelong medical care;
  • The victim’s total medical costs;
  • The victim’s total wage losses; and
  • The extent of insurance coverage available to pay the victim.

Pain and suffering may also include the impact of a personal injury accident on a victim’s family. Kentucky does not cap pain and suffering damages. 

However, an injury victim who is partially at fault for their accident may have their damages award reduced by their shared percentage of fault. 

Compensation Available for Pain and Suffering in Kentucky 

The types of non-economic damages available for pain and suffering in Kentucky include the following and more:

  • Physical pain and suffering;
  • Mental and emotional anguish;
  • Scarring and disfigurement;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD);
  • Loss of enjoyment of life; and
  • Loss of consortium.

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