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Cerebral palsy is one of the most common motor disabilities in childhood and, unfortunately, often occurs as a result of medical malpractice during a woman’s pregnancy and delivery.

If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and you believe it is the result of a birth injury, Dolt, Thompson, Shepherd & Conway, PSC can talk to you about the advisability of bringing a lawsuit against negligent health care providers.

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What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that affect motor function, often characterized by decreased muscle tone, disordered movement, involuntary reflexes, and floppy or stiff limbs.

Although this condition affects motor skills, it is caused by abnormal brain development, and can occur as a result of a brain injury. This condition is chronic, though there are treatments available to support those living with cerebral palsy.

Can Cerebral Palsy Develop During Childbirth?

Individuals with cerebral palsy typically develop the condition while still in their mother's womb, or soon thereafter. However, cerebral palsy may sometimes develop in the formative years of a child’s life. It is caused by irregular brain development or brain damage, so if a baby or young child suffers a head injury, it is possible that he or she could develop cerebral palsy as a result.

During the labor and delivery process, doctors, nurses, and hospital staff are expected to provide the mother and baby with a certain standard of care and respond to emergencies in the delivery room quickly and appropriately. If medical professionals fail to uphold a reasonable standard of care, and an infant suffers injuries or trauma during birth, the child may develop cerebral palsy.

For example, cerebral palsy can be caused by:

  • The medical practitioner failing to recognize signs of fetal distress or lack of oxygen in the infant
  • The medical practitioner failing to monitor the infant appropriately
  • The medical practitioner delaying in their decision to perform an emergency C-section
  • The medical practitioner injuring the infant from their use of forceps or a vacuum assistance device

Whether an injury to your child occurred due to miscommunication between hospital staff, a doctor not following standard procedures, or some other preventable error, our Louisville cerebral palsy lawyers at Dolt, Thompson, Shepherd & Conway are here to help. We have the experience and financial resources necessary to take on large hospitals and insurance companies.

Is There a Cure For Cerebral Palsy?

Sadly, there is no cure for cerebral palsy at this time. However, there have been several breakthroughs in treatment options over the past decade. With the proper care, medications, and physical therapy, it is possible to improve movement and mobility. In more severe cases of cerebral palsy, progressive treatment methods can even help improve communication skills.

Are There Different Types of Cerebral Palsy?

There are three main types of cerebral palsy:

  • Spastic cerebral palsy
  • Athetoid cerebral palsy
  • Ataxic cerebral palsy

Spastic cerebral palsy causes stiffness and movement issues. On the other hand, athetoid cerebral palsy leads to involuntary and uncontrolled actions. Ataxic cerebral palsy is different in that it causes a flawed sense of balance and depth perception.

The symptoms of cerebral palsy can make simple movements such as walking, sitting, eating or standing very difficult. In addition, other vital functions can be affected by the condition, including breathing, bladder control and bowel management.

How Is Cerebral Palsy Diagnosed?

At this time, there is no concrete test used to diagnose cerebral palsy. In cases of birth trauma, a child may be diagnosed soon after the delivery. Otherwise, many individuals are diagnosed within the first few years of life. For those with milder symptoms, a diagnosis may not be uncovered until the brain is fully developed. If your child suffered distress during his or her delivery, cerebral palsy could be a consequence of the experience. Any damage to your child’s brain could be especially suggestive of the disorder.

If this is the case, you may benefit from speaking with a cerebral palsy attorney in Louisville. If medical negligence or carelessness led to your loved one’s disabling condition, your child and family should be compensated.

Your Case Requires Knowledge, Resources & Commitment

Obstetric malpractice, or any area of medical malpractice, is a complicated area of law that requires extensive knowledge, resources, and commitment from your attorney. Since 1986, our firm has represented parents and their children in cerebral palsy lawsuits. We have financial resources and relationships with medical experts that give our firm the ability to thoroughly handle all matters.

We ask, and find the answers to, questions about the cause of the birth injury, such as:

Relying upon our vast network of resources in the medical field, we use CT scans, MRIs, and other tests to refute the defense’s argument. Our firm handles only a small number of cases at any one time. Each client receives personalized attention as we seek fair compensation for their child’s injuries. Contact Dolt, Thompson, Shepherd & Conway, PSC to learn how we can help.

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  • Failure to Recognize Fetal Distress $7 Million
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  • Failure to Perform C-Section $2.5 Million
  • Failure to Perform C-Section $730 Thousand

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